Resilient Communities, Resilient Food Systems Webcast with Trathen Heckman, Severine vT Fleming, and Arty Mangan


The webcast will occur on August 22nd at 11 am Pacific Time

Please join Bioneers for a webinar on Resilient Communities, Resilient Food Systems with Trathen Heckman of Daily Acts, Severine vT Fleming, of Greenhorns, hosted by Arty Mangan, of Bioneers.

In the face of increasing economic, political and climatic crises, people across the globe are working to create resilience at the local and regional level.  Creating increased self-reliance in relation to our food supply is a critical first step. Trathen Heckman, founder of Daily Acts, whose guiding ethic is “Every choice matters,” is organizing, teaching and inspiring thousands of actions in Sonoma County and beyond that are converting homes and public spaces into food forests that dramatically lower water use while growing significant amounts of food.  Severine vT Fleming, filmmaker, farmer, and the leading national organizer of young farmers, is helping guide a new culture of farming through working networks, resource sharing, creative collaboration and policy advocacy. Join Trathen and Severine on a Bioneers webinar At 11 AM (Pacific Time) August 22 to learn effective strategies for developing personal and community food security.

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