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With your help, we can expand opportunities for 12 incredible Cultivating Women’s Leadership alumnae by raising $5,000 to get them to the National Bioneers Conference on October 16th-18th, 2015.

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Melannie_LovercheckMelannie Lovercheck, CWL 2015

“Being able to attend Bioneers for the first time in my life is not only scary but inviting for my growth as a responsible member of our society. I have been in industries that focus on the localized destruction of oppressive groups, building weapons and carrying out missions to fulfill our government’s agendas. I am now at a point in my life where there is an opening for something new, better and fulfilling to the growth and improvement of our planet. It is my greatest hope that Bioneers will not only expose me to a healthier way of thinking but also propel my purpose into new and socially responsible lifelong mission.”

Athena-SunflowersAthena Gam, CWL 2015

“In my creative and connective work, it is important for me to learn from other people who are deeply passionate about caring for the earth, restoring culture and redreaming a healthy and sustainable world. I will not only gain inspiration, knowledge and insight from attending the Bioneers Conference, but meeting and dialoging with like-minded individuals will allow me to make connections that will build resiliency and create resonance between my work and the work of fellow change-makers.”

cherylbwCheryl Vaughn, CWL 2014

“Bioneers serves as a reminder of why my work is necessary not just for my community, but also for the planet. Solar Richmond provides green collar training to veterans, low-income communities and communities of color mostly in Richmond. We enhance our vocational training with techniques on how to be more resilient, less fearful, more resourceful, adaptable and loving, with a reminder that we are all stewards of this planet. Bioneers mirrors our mission by providing an international space where resiliency is nurtured, the environment is respected and honored, courage is fortified: because the good work being done and that needs to be done can sometimes be daunting and scary, and if that wasn’t enough, you will learn some new skills and be in a space filled with love of people and the planet. Bioneers is a very special and sacred space.”

Sonia_KleshikSonya Kleshik, CWL 2015

“I gained so much from participating at CWL and wish to bring forth the power and authority in myself and others that comes from looking inward and overcoming trauma. I believe that by taking responsibility for our own minds, hearts and actions that we will find the strength, resolve, and compassion to take on the world's most pressing problems. I seek to serve others through my own creativity and art as well as helping others embrace themselves through art. I think it is only through this that we can see the utter interdependence that governs our lives and the life of our precious planet. As Thomas Berry put it, ‘The destiny of humans cannot be separated from the destiny of Earth.’”