Bioneers Pollinators: Sample Event Email

Subject: Bioneers Pollinator Event – Insert Name of Event- Day, Month, Date – Time


You’re invited to participate in a community potluck, screening and discussion about insert topic of event here on insert day, Month, date and time.

We will start the evening with community news (feel free to bring a brief update to share) and then watch a short video, Insert name of video here” of the fascinating 2016 Bioneers plenary speech given by insert name and title of presenter in video. Following the screening, we’ll have a presentation and discussion led by insert presenter name of insert presenter’s title/organization. Come with your questions, ideas and get ready to be inspired.

Bring a dish or snack to share!

What: Bioneers Pollinators Event – Community potluck, screening and discussion

When: Day, Month, Date, Time

Where: Address (Map Link)

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Bioneers Pollinator events are independently organized and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Bioneers organization. For more information, visit: