Midnight in the Desert

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Here are more resources on some of the topics Kenny touched upon.

At the 2017 Conference

  • Dr. Suzanne Simard, a Professor of Forest Ecology in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia, is a groundbreaking researcher who studies the astonishing complexity and symbiotic relationships in forest and other ecosystems, especially the underground fungal networks that connect trees and permit them to share nutrients and information. Learn more about Suzanne, and her upcoming 2017 Keynote.
  • Dr. Carl Safina, has dived into the world of animal consciousness and behavior. As a marine biologist, Carl Safina began his career researching seabirds. Through his work, he became a MacArthur, Pew, and Guggenheim fellow. He developed into an ecologist and marine conservationist as he increasingly found himself debating on the side of conservation. Learn more about Safina, and her upcoming 2017 Keynote.

Intelligence in Nature

  • Jeremy Narby shares the findings from his groundbreaking book Intelligence in Nature. He describes his quest around the globe to chronicle how leading-edge scientists are studying intelligence in nature and how nature learns. Watch his 2005 keynote presentation here.
  • Robin Kimmerer, professor of Environmental Science and Forestry, of Potawatomi ancestry, explores the question: “If plants are our teachers, what are their lessons, and how might we become better students”?  Indigenous peoples worldwide honor plants, not only as our sustainers, but as our oldest teachers who share teachings of generosity, creativity, sustainability and joy. By their living examples, plants spur our imaginations of how we might live. Watch her presentation here.
  • Paul Stamets, the renowned mycologist and genius discoverer of immunological and bioremedial properties of mushrooms, unveils his latest breakthrough research. Since our emergence from Africa, mushrooms have represented a thread of knowledge – critical for human survival as medicine, fire portability and the regeneration of forests. Watch his 2015 keynote presentation here.

Rights of Nature

  • Mari Margil chronicles the game-changing work to recognize the Rights of Nature in law. Whereas now nature is considered property subject to private property law, the Rights of Nature legal framework enshrines the right of nature “to exist, persist and thrive.” Margil invokes the Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax, who asks, “Who will speak for the trees?” Watch her 2009 keynote presentation here.
  • Why does “corporate personhood” consistently override the legal rights of citizens? And what about the rights of nature? Join innovative environmental attorneys Thomas Linzey and Mari Margil for breakthroughs on the ground of democracy. Listen to the Earth Justice: Corporate Rights vs. The Rights of Nature episode of the Bioneers radio.


  • Joanna Macy describes, as a systems theorist, author and lifelong activist – how healing the world and healing your heart and soul go hand in hand. Watch her 2013 keynote presentation here.
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker Yale professor and founder of the Forum on Religion and Ecology, weaves our personal and diverse cultural and cosmological narratives together for the sake of creating a just and sustainable future for all life. She explores cosmic evolution as a profoundly wondrous process based on creativity, connection and interdependence. Introduction by cosmologist Brian Swimme. Watch her 2011 keynote presentation here.
  • David McConville discusses, through the Bioneers Radio, our view of the universe, how it profoundly shapes our future as a species, and how it’s changing radically. Come listen to the episode here.

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