Free Webinar: New Strategies for Battling GMOs with John Roulac

In this video of the Bioneers webinar New Strategies for Battling GMOs, John Roulac, founder of Nutiva and GMOinside, joins and Arty Mangan, Director of the Restorative Food Systems at Bioneers to discuss strategies, challenges and successes in getting companies like General Mills to eliminate GMOs from Cheerios.

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Webinar Background

GMO Labeling initiatives in California and Washington lost narrowly as a result of a powerful alliance between Big Ag and Big Food spending millions of dollars to distort the truth and confuse the populace. In Washington, those donations were found to be illegal.

But the Grocery Manufactures Association and companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi are getting tired of spending millions fighting state labeling initiatives. The push is on to create a federal law that would prohibit state labeling laws and have voluntary labeling, which means that consumers would be unable to access the information they need to make healthy food choices.

GMOinside, co-founded by Nutiva's John Roulac, is opening up a new front to fight for a healthy food system and for our right to know when food contains GMOs. Taking the action directly to the marketplace forces food companies to make decisions based on consumer rights and public benefit rather than industry mandates, shifting the power back to the public to determine what we eat.

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  • Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith,
  • Your Right to Know by Andrew Kimbrell

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