CWL Trainings Application

This training is rooted in values of inclusion, community and mutual respect. It is designed around a premise that our inner work serves to inform and strengthen our work in the world.

  • Develop greater clarity about your own purpose, assignment or calling
  • Explore what women uniquely bring to leadership in this pivotal time of change
  • Investigate challenges with competition, power, self-limiting stories and internalized oppression
  • Discover the power and joy of women connecting across difference
  • Learn tools and practices to continue to refine and cultivate your own leadership
  • Experience how profoundly women can inform, grow and strengthen each other

Training Locations

April 25-30, 2016 – In the Heart of the Redwoods
Earth Matters in Ben Lomond, California
Applications due by January 25, 2016

July 24-29, 2016 – New Mexico Mountain Valley
Ocamora Retreat Center in Northern New Mexico
Application due by April 24, 2016

Timing of the selection process?

We will send you a confirmation of receipt of your application within a week of receiving it. Then, you will hear from us every two weeks with updates until the cohort has been finalized. Often, we have a wait list once we’ve made selections, as some who we’ve opted to include cannot come. The final selection of each cohort will be complete no later than a month before the training’s scheduled to begin.

What further information will I receive after I’m accepted?

We will be in contact with you about travel arrangements, what to bring and pack, and to learn about any special dietary needs or lodging requests you may have.

Flyer: Click Here (PDF)

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