2015 Youth Leadership Program Report

YouthLeadershipProgramReport-2015-page-001Grow the Next Generation of Change Makers

Thanks to the financial partnership of the Bioneers community, we awarded more youth conference scholarships than ever in 2015, including a dozen more for Indigenous youth.

The result? Youth were nearly 25% of all attendees at the 2015 Bioneers Conference, and the most culturally and racially diverse age group with 42% youth of color – a major signal of health for our movement of movements!

As you’d expect, bringing together such a dynamic group led to lots of cross-pollination, transformative encounters and a powerful, positive energy that was felt throughout the conference.

See why 2015 was such a standout year for #BioneersYouth in our new report »

  • Get an overview of youth-led and youth-centered conference sessions, including the global organizing meeting led by 16-year-old Indigenous climate leader Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who will be a keynote speaker at Bioneers 2016.
  • Hear from the growing global network of #BioneersYouth on their biggest concerns and the solutions and skills they learned at Bioneers.
  • See art and media youth produced at the 2015 conference.

Support #BioneersYouth

““In the light of a collapsing world, what better time to be born than now because this generation gets to rewrite history. We will be known as a generation that brought forth a healthy, just, sustainable world for every generation to come.” – Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, founder, Earth Guardians and Bioneers Youth Speaker

Past Bioneers youth participants tell us consistently that the conference is a “life-changing” experience for them.

But in the early days, we had to actively seek young people and convince them to come. Today we cannot keep up with the demand.

We prioritize the participation of young people from low-income backgrounds, communities of color and Indigenous heritage. Of course, most young people don’t have money, which necessitates scholarship support.

Despite awarding a record 376 youth scholarships in 2015, we had hundreds more applications from youth who would both enrich and be enriched by the conference experience.

You are the key to ensuring the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program continues to be an outstanding incubator for young leaders. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Make a donation to the John Mohawk Scholarship Fund. Your gift of any amount will get us closer to our goal to fully fund 400 scholarships in 2016—this is a collective investment in our future!
  • Invite dynamic young leaders you know to the 2016 Youth Leadership Program. In addition to youth scholarships, we also offer a limited number of discounted tickets for students.
  • Share #BioneersYouth content with your network. Please share the Youth Leadership report and Youth Leadership videos to spread the word.

Thank you for supporting today’s youth as they step up to restore nature and co-create peace, justice and a vibrant world! What better investment can we make?