2014 Youth Leadership Program Report

YLP-14-cover 1Growing the Movement: Youth Leadership at Bioneers 2014

What happens when you gather the next generation of visionary leaders to learn, create and dream a new global future together? Find out in our new report on youth leadership!

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Young people are crucial to the health and success of movements for change. That’s why we were so thrilled to welcome a record number of youth to the 2014 Bioneers National Conference—20% of all attendees!

Past Bioneers youth participants tell us consistently that the conference was a “life-changing” experience for them. You’ll see why when you read our new report, “Growing the Movement: Youth Leadership at Bioneers 2014”:

  • Learn about the request from Julia Butterfly Hill that inspired the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program.
  • Meet the Peers and Mentors who support youth to engage, create and lead authentically and sustainably.
  • See some of the art and media youth produced at the 2014 conference.
  • Get an overview of youth-led and youth-centered conference sessions, including the Just Us for Food Justice intensive.
  • Hear from the growing global network of #BioneersYouth in the included chapter from our 25th anniversary yearbook. 

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Support #BioneersYouth

““In the light of a collapsing world, what better time to be born than now because this generation gets to rewrite history. We will be known as a generation that brought forth a healthy, just, sustainable world for every generation to come.”   – Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, founder, Earth Guardians and Bioneers Youth Speaker

In the early days, we had to actively seek young people and convince them to come. Today we cannot keep up with the demand.

We prioritize the participation of young people from low-income backgrounds, communities of color and Indigenous heritage. Of course, most young people don’t have money, which necessitates scholarship support.

Last year despite awarding a record 357 youth scholarships, we had another 300 more applications. We literally did not even have the staff capacity to process them. It was heartbreaking.

You are the key to ensuring the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program continues to be an outstanding incubator for young leaders. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Thank you for supporting today’s youth as they carry forward the long struggle to restore nature and co-create peace, justice and a vibrant world!